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Backlink or back link

is one of popularity blog factors. Backlink is a link from other website or blog coming to our website or blog. Back link is a website or blog conection. Backlink contributes to direct people from other website or blog to run to our website. Search engine is verry interested in calculating value of backlink. High value backlink has identivications:
  • Coming from high rank blog or website. Other high rank website or blog may include our article on the page of which and mark some words in the article as a link refering to our page. In the otherside, we may leave comments to high rank website. If the high rank website is "dofollow" our comments will be automatically marked as backlinks by search engine. However, if the website is "nofollow" we get a benefit that the visitor of the website may walk to our website by that comment refering to our website or blog.
  • Coming from a similar theme website or blog. Search engine recognizes theme of websites or blog through keywords. A backlink coming from website containing different theme than our's will not be marked by search engine or just enhances a little value.
When looking for backlink, you may leave comment to "dofollow blog or website". Such blog will give us backlink for our comment leaved. There are some "do follow" links bellow:

* DP forums
* CommentHunt
* Comment Kahuna
* DofollowBlogs

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Leave many comments at Dofollow blogs and you will rise your page rank.
Backlink is verry important for rising your page rank

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