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Error site map

I've received so many question from my friends. When trying to burn a blog by Feed Burner, they didn't find any problem. However, an error report of blog site map appeared in webmasters tool after burning feed. What's happened to their blog? was the their blog error? The answer is "NO". Both Feed and Blog will not be error after burning feed.

If you're experiencing a such error or a problem after burning feed by feed burner like my friends, don't be panic! it's too easy to solve. You should not either delete or replace your blog with the newest. You should not create a new blog. You just need to practice my formulation. :)

  1. Erase your error site map in search engine webmasters like Google Webmasters if you are experiencing an error of site map after burning feed for your blog.
  2. You should not delete your both feed you burned by feed burner before and your blog. The Error is not on your both feed and blog.
  3. Create a new site map, further manipulate that site map by adding a tag [?redirect=false ] after site map name like this: atom.xml?redirect=false or rss.xml?redirect=false.
  4. Send that manipulated site map into search engine webmasters.
  5. check your site map report in webmasters.
Such an error site map is because feed burner generates a redirect site map, whereas search engine like Google can just operate a direct site map. We must manipulate our site map after burning feed by changing redirect site map with a direct site map (tag: redirect=false).

Simply, replace your error site map with a new manipulated site map.

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