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Posted by Anneth_Forblog on 2:48 PM

hat is the meaning of the title above? surely you will be confused that people would like to promote your blog? mean how? Would they promote my blog? Don’t ever think that it is a hard job for blog promotion. Actually it's easy and very simple. Simple and easy way, but I know visitors will explode like a flashed flood with no ending. So, keep in mind that before the flood will happen, there are some steps should be prepared. You have to close the flood channels to prevent the water to flow anywhere: D.You shall certainly very happy. How's it done?
Please, slowly follow the steps bellow one by one:

1. Mizzles Methods.

This method is how to promote our blog to others by giving Trackbacks, blogwalking, commenting and link exchange. Trackback , comments and link exchange I mention this series as a method of a
drizzle blog promotion . This way is too simply so that visitors will come to you only after you do a blogwalking, tracking back, exchanging your link with your blog visitors. If you are lucky you are going to be tracked back. If you are tracked back by others means that others also popularize your blog, right? although it just increases a few traffics, so I call the Mizless.

2.Heavy Rainfall Method

Your Blog is life from a flow of traffic from Search Engine only: D. People who like to shoot for keywords, shuffle up content but it can achieve at the top 10 of google search engines may be categorized in this method. In addition, except a shoting famous keywords, most very heavy rain methods are usually a black promotion, such as spamming some forums, spamming in the time of chatting, those make a business scam so that your blog will be a public speaking because you're naughty . Because your naughty!!!!. THIS IS NOT RECOMENDED!

3. Never Ending Flash flood Blog Promotion methods
This is probably rather difficult. Two previous methods are combined into one by a little different. In the Never Ending Flash flood Blog Promotion methods performs with blogwalking, tracking back, often shoting some popular keywords , a lot of traffic, quality content, join forums, social bookmarking, pairs free classified ads and many friends. Now it's the difference tactics never ending flood blog promotional. In order to make your blog to be promoted by others, in order of quality content and keywords are shoted and it should be combined with a good content and SEO. Those elements that really should not be separated. If you only play the clever SEO and shoot famous keywords, visitors must be disappointed. Well, you could combine SEO and quality content, I assure most the visitors will make a recomendation by links or other ways to theirself visitors.

Good luck :)