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Posted by Anneth_Forblog on 12:52 PM

Have you ever find the words of SPAM and SPAM BLOG?

I was out of luck due to missing action . This my blog was blocked by Google because which is suspected as spam blog. Event chronology:

  1. I toke a miss action. I wanted to dellete my less worth blog by my phone celluler, however I erased my good blog.
  2. Then I made duplicat blog which 90% similar to my deleted one.
  3. In just a few minuts, My new blog was suspected as spam blog, and I was blocked as spammer.

Because of such bad experience, I learned about spam and spam blog so much. After I had done, I created this blog. I wish you will not experience bad time as like me at the last time. Currently, I would like to share information abot spam blog with you.

What are indicators of spam blog?

After understanding of Spam blog indicators, I sugest you should pay attention on blogging to not marked as spammer and blocked by search engines. Some indicators of spam block are:

  1. Containing so many duplicate keywords in a blog or meta tag. We could fill three duplicate keywords in blog or meta tag maximally. In addition, we should know that search engine distinguish words not in phrase. For example, in keywords : what is spam, spam indicators, spam blog, spam website, there are more than three words “spam”. Notiwithstanding the word “Spam” sepatated in different phrase, such keywords will be mentioned as duplicate keywords. If a blog is filled more than three duplicate keywords inside of whict, it potentially to suspect as a spam blog.
  2. Containing duplicate page. Duplicate page is the page composed based on the idea that has existed in the other page in one blog or other blogs. Further, we should regar to the most words used in others page. Keep your new page new in idea. However, The search engine friendly blog or website often contains the different idea with other page but in a relation. For exapmle: Theme of page 1: Antivirus definition, and theme of page 2: free antivirus protection.
  3. Copy blog. Copy blog is the blog created acording to other blog which contains many same contents.
  4. Reaching so many links in a short time. When we get so many links in the too short time shot, we could be smelt a rat to use spam software, or we will be suspected as spam blog and further we will blocked by search engine.
  5. Sending unproper comments. Unproper comment is often confusing both website or blog owner and visitor. Blog or website owner could report us to search engine as spam blog or spammer.

After understanding such information, we should be carefull to not take some mistake action. Don’t do spam blogging with creating a spam blog. I will explain you about a bit knowledge of what spam is.

Spam is a forbidden trick for popularity. Spam software has got a big cappability of producing too many links, comments, informations, messages, and advertisements automatically and repeatedly. We could recognize spam inside inside our blog by undertanding:
1. Information coming to my blog or website or email often unproper to the blog.
2. We often don’t understand of sent information to us
3. Coming out of control and so hard to stop.
4. Blood of message.


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