5 Important Trick (tips) for Optimizing Web Site or Blog

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Posted by Anneth_Forblog on 6:48 PM

Trick (tips) for Optimizing Web Site or Blog

How To Organize Our either Web site or Blog for The Early Placement of Searching Page? It’s the SEO help for you (SEO Solution for optimizing either blog or web site)

Search engine optimization (SEO)

(SEO) is an important trick so that our website or blog will be indexed and placed at early sequence in search engine’s list like Google and Yahoo. However, it is important to know that indexing process by search engine does not run in a short time, but occasionally in a quite long time, in several days or even many weeks. SEO (search engine optimization) is an imperative requirement for popular websites or blogs. When our website or blog is placed in early sequence of search engine’s list, more and more people will be easy to find our website or blog. It is influenced by a lot of factors such as:
  1. Keywords placed in a website or blog as both tag of articles and meta tag (for HTML code of website or blog). If keywords used is less appropriate with whole words of article contents, hence it will arise a matter for search engine in finding our article, even our website or blog would be thrown out of search engine index. Organize that election of keywords according to both title of articles and the most words in our article!
  2. The number of visitors. More and more visitor in our website would gain the opportunity of website or blog for taken in early sequence in the list of search engine. It is often mentioned as traffic influencing page rank of website or blog.
  3. The number of articles. Some of search engines or blog directories attach string to a minimum number of both title and words in our article filled in website. For increasing of the number of articles, it’s preferred uploading articles continuously to posting a lot of articles spontaneously. Search Engine will more often ping our article if the posting is always done routinely.
  4. Quality of articles. The high quality article often adsorb many traffic. For measuring a high quality article, we could exploit high value keywords with software provided by www.nichebotclassic.com. We can have a look the value of keywords there and how many people searching search engine for the keywords.
  5. The number of incoming link (back link). Link is connection in form of letter, word, or picture in our web to access others. Exit link can be made while posting for recommending visitor to visit other webs referenced. Link placed in sidebar generally represents our favorite web and what most often we use to various need like source of inspiration and knowledge, source which we lionize. More and more links could amplify opportunity for early sequence in search engine’s list. The number of Link in other website for recommending to go into our web site or blog will improve potency of presences of visitor and increasing page rank of our website or blog.
As trick or tips of search engine optimization of website or blog for first sequence index of search engine, hence web master or blogger requires to do these ( seo blog trick):
  1. Insert representative tags pursuant to article title and the most words in article. If we have owned articles in enough number (more than five), hence insert the code (bellow) inside your blog by:
  • login to your blog (you will be delivered to Dashbord of your blog
  • Click menu “layout” or “template”, and choose “Edit HTML”
  • Copy the meta tags below:

<meta name="ROBOTS" content="INDEX, FOLLOW"/>
<meta name="DESCRIPTION" content="fill with description of your web or blog"/>
<meta name="KEYWORDS" content="Keywors1, Keyword2,..."/>

Note: You must type your keywords maximally 25 numbers.

  • Paste into HTML code in your blog under the tag : <title></title>
  • Save the change by clicking “Save” or “save template”.
  • Submit your website to Google (URL: www.adurl.google.com)
  • Submit to Yahoo (URL: www.siteexplorer.yahoo.com/submit).
  • Go to Googlewebmasterstool (URL: www.google/webmasters/tools) and do “Sign in”
  • Write your website or blog (ex: www.annethforblog.blogspot.com).
  • Click “Add site”, and click the link “Verify your site” in box in “Overview”
  • Chose verification method “add a meta tag”
  • Copy the code emerge in: blogis code is ………. then click right of mouse, copy
  • Go into the Accunt blogger, Layout or arrange the situation, Edit the HTML then Paste it after the tag <HEAD;> and before </BODY> ( this tag is placed at the top of code of HTML of blog).
  • Click “Save Templete”, and then back to Google webmasters tools.
  • Do SITE MAP Optimizing:
  • Select “Choose Addsitemap” and select “add general sitemap” at choice “Choose type”. Type " rss.xml or atom.xml” at box “My site URL is…..”
  • Click “Add General web sitemap” and wait in about 2 hours for google process.
Those step is a trik for either optimizing blog or optimizing website. We often mention it as seo blog or seo website. This trick focuss on both optimizing content and articles. All of meta tag, site map, article tag and quality content is needed to optimize either web site or blog.

The key of seo are:
  1. Optimizing posted article for either web site or blog
  2. Optimizing HTML code. It's often related to web design.
  3. Optimizing back link.
  4. Optimizing meta tag.
  5. Optimizing feed and site map.