What is Seo?

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For you, the beginer internet players,


will take a part of your prime action for popular website or blog. What is

search engine optimization or seo

? I would explain the definition of seo simply:

After building website or blog, we wish more and more people will be able to detect and access the website or blog. For making it to be real, we must regard to how people often look for many informations on internet. We know there are so many ways to find information on internet. However, based on a research, 80% people use search engine such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines in searching for hunted information. So, we can take a conclussion that search engine is a prime tool for accessable website or blog. According to such knowladge, webmasters or web owners sholud take an action for submitting website or blog to search engine such as Yahoo and Google. It's too easy for submitting website or blog to search engine. However, do you know that search engines issue requirements for their index?

Simply, Search engines will not index websites overall, but just some of all submitted websites or blogs. Even, it is possible that search engine will index just some of whole pages. The other metter is when website or blog is indexed in the back sequence of page, people would surely have got a large difficulty of accessing website. They would find hunted informations in early sequence list placed before our page. For this reasons, webmasters should do some thing appropriate to improve web site or blog index. Such condition is purpose of Search Engine Optimization or seo.

By performing steps of seo, we will get a better probability for search engine index. By doing seo, we could increase traffic of website or blog. Now, you can make definition of seo or definition of search engine optimalization your self. I have the definition to answer the question "what is seo?" That are the steps to optimize website or blog for search engine index so that website or blog is placed in early sequence of searching list.

Seo is related to search engine page rank. Page rank is a measurement of a page to be shown in the top sequence of searching page. Search engine commonly measures the significance value of a page based on page rank. If seo is a prime part of page rank, so what is your opinion about correlation between seo and the significance page?

You're right, one of many parts of seo is how to manipulate a web page for high search engine value. For instant, seo directs webmasters to put proper keywords accompanied in our posting. However, I will point out detail step of seo on other page. On this page, I just share information about the meaning of seo or search engine optimization. This discription of seo or search engine optimization is a common understanding.
Seo is related to either search engine, website management for search engine. It's about how to optimize our either blog or web site to be touched by internet visitor.

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