High Trick To Be A Winner For Search Engines Placement

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Posted by Anneth_Forblog on 1:18 AM

Too many people complain about search engine optimization (SEO) techniques they hold on to while they receive nothing. Never have their website and blog appeared on the top of searching page, even what they have performed doesn't contain some mistake. Are you experiencing such a case?

Don't worry, I have a secret key, but it's not easy to do. This secret method will work optimally for both Google.com and Yahoo.com. Even, it's for more bigest search engines entire the world. I tell you that the secret key for good search engine placement is www.dmoz.org.

Don't you know that some biggest search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Altavista refer to Dmoz directory? Both website and blog succesing to crash the gate into Dmoz directory will be prioritized to be placed on the top of searching page. Ofcouse, such website or blog is the winner for search engines placement.


Don't be in a hurry! Insisting Dmoz to accept website or blog is the hard work. At least, you should do preparation job bellow:

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  1. Kick out your link exchange from your website / blog! If your still contains some link exchange, please erase them for a moment.
  2. Avoid promotion words such as: free, etc!
  3. You should know that Dmoz must refuse both porn website and abrupt website.
  4. When submiting, you should compile an appropriate tittle and description at the form provided against the tittle and description of your website or blog.
  5. Avoid content of your site which impropers to the tittle (theme) of your site!
  6. Build rich contents in yor website.
  7. You must be subject to agreement issued by Dmoz.
  8. Don't submit more than once! Wait for 14 days to check out your website or blog. If you contravene, I assure of kicking out.
  9. Be a winner for search engine placement!!!!
Dmoz is an Open Directory Project (ODP) driven by human. They will very very selective to place admitted website or blog into their list. The otherwise, Dmoz need a long time in selection.