Blogging For Money

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Blogging for money

is an interesting sentence for us. Is it easy to do and a really news? There is no perfect answer. The success always depends on ourown work. There are too many examples of success people reaching 18.000 $ / month. What is your opinion about it?

Blogging is the action to build a blog and upgrade the blog continuously. We should frequently upgrade blog for keeping people interested in our blog satisfiedly. I would like to share how to easily create a blog:

  1. At first, please consider what server you want to use. There are many free servers such as,,, and others. I sugest using for the reason that is currently owned by Google so that Google search engine prefer to others. By using, we will not perform seo too hard. Click here to enter, but u have to read the point 2.
  2. Before creating blog in, u must create a google account (email at When you use others.
  3. When creating your blog title and URL ( consider to focuss theme or base idea of your blog. Use URL name related to blog tittle and whole posting idea you plan. For example :
Blog tittle : Antivirus Protection
Articles : New Antivirus 2009, Protecting Computer Agains Virus Worm, Manual PC Protection, etc.
By doing the steps I suggest, you will own a search engine friendly blog.

How to make money from blog? It can be both an easy job and a hard job. If you have a good understanding of seo, this job will be easy to do. I would share knowladge with you for susccess submition:
  1. Create some affiliation with big advertiser sites. I suggest you should affiliate with CJ (click here).
  2. Submit your blog to some website advertiser.
  3. Wait for acception in few days.
  4. Get meta tag (html code).
  5. Coppy those tags and paste to your blog by going to Dashbord of your blog, click Layout, click Page Element, Add Gedget, chose Java Script (HTML) Add Option, Paste your code, than save!
  6. Try others affilition such as Amazon
  7. When code having pasted to your blog, go toAdsense
  8. Create an account at Adsense, and waiting for acception in few days.
  9. Learn Adsense guide carefully.
  10. Loggin to Adsense (, chose Adsense Setup and click advertisement you want to put on your blog (adsense for content, adsense for search)
  11. Copy meta tag (code) to your blog
  12. Get money when your advertisements have clicked by visitor. Your blog will make money it's self.
Success blogging for making money is not easy. You should catch more visitors to your blog. In additions, creating search engine-friendly blog is must be done. People mention this action as blogging for dollars, because of blog capability of producing much money for you.
Build your blog further do blogging now for money!

The most important after creating blog is performing search engine optimization.
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